Friday, July 29, 2011

A Welcome of Sorts for All

Wow. How in the hell did you ever find us? Ending up on a blog with the name “Suckle Hog,” you were probably searching for something forbidden and naughty, weren’t you. That’s OK. Your dirty, disgusting, Satanic secret is safe with us. Hey! Now that you’ve been completely let down, why not bookmark us and check back often to view tons of stuff you are in no way interested in!

For absolutely no reason at all, we, the two Suckle Hogs, shall be using this precious space to rant and rave about movies, and maybe television, and maybe sometimes hunks of other junk. I’m Appaulled and he’s El Yacht. Come back again someslime, won’t you? We promise not to be good.

El Yacht