Monday, January 23, 2012

Not Dead...Yet!

Jumpin' junipers, it's been long big time wow since new words appeared on this here blog. The reasons are many, the excuses lame. We closed down the video store after 10-years of public cervix and adjusting to this brave new world has taken its sweet goddamn time. But fear not, handful of followers, we're coming back with a bong! Lots of things are planned, so please check in every now and again and you just might be met with something that isn't twenty thousand months old.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a couple of recent paintings by Appaulled. This highly talented artsmith has wowed us all again with his moving visual style. This guy ain't just an ugly face, ladies and mentalmen. The first is of personal hero Larry David. It's already moved many to tears, so too let it move you... straight into the bathroom!

The second stunner is a winter Seinfeld spectacular. Appaulled has mentioned that his goal with this heart-clenching painting was to make it appear as if it had been painted by a 2-year-old instead of his usual "art by a 3-year-old" vibe.

And finally, Larry David's reaction when shown these works of art at a recent fundraiser for homeless screenwriters.

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